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[K12OSN] Koha on K12LTSP (Centos)

Six years ago I ran a K12LTSP installation at a school in Virginia. Then I moved to NH. Last year I installed K12LTSP (Centos-based) at a school here.

Back in VA, we had also installed Koha on a dedicated machine. At first I tried to get it to run on the K12LTSP server, but it resisted my best efforts. It REALLY wanted to be installed on a Debian machine. I eventually relented and enlisted the help of a Debian enthusiast. He got it up and running on a dedicated machine.

Now I'm faced with the prospect of getting Koha up and running again here at the new school. Has anything changed in the last five years? Has anyone gotten Koha to run on K12LTSP? Should I round up another PC, install Debian (or perhaps Ubuntu) and make it a stand-alone box?

Please tell me I can just "yum install koha" instead!

Jim Thomas            Principal Applications Engineer  Bittware, Inc
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