[K12OSN] Making thin clients "faster"

Hamlesh [Personal] hm at motah.co.uk
Fri Nov 13 15:08:58 UTC 2009


Any tips on how to make the thin clients "faster"?  Current setup;

Current host:

Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz with 1Gb RAM

Current client:

(how much of a difference does the spec make here?)

Old pc with a dual core 2ghz intel and 700mb ram - no hdd

The issue I'm having is that on the client things seem to be a bit
laggy, typing this email into firefox (gmail) for example isn't as
smooth as it would normally be, or even be via a remote desktop
session to a windows server (just an example).

The main bug bear happens when I'm scrolling through a webpage or my inbox list.

The other clients on the network are varying in spec, but most are
little celeron 700s with 256mb ram.  Currently there are two thin
clients active, with 2 of us using the web etc.

Any help and pointers much appreciated.

All in all the simplicity of having thin clients without the cost is
well worth the lag - until I work out how to get rid of it ;) :)

Thanks, Hamlesh.

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