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Re: [K12OSN] Skype and audio in

The thing to remember with LTSP is that, by default, the applications run on the server, not on the clients; they just display on the clients. That's why people were suggesting that 1GB of RAM was perhaps not enough memory for even just your three clients. As for Skype, since the app is running on the server, just to test it, try plugging the mic into the server and it will probably work, although that's not likely what you want.

With that all said, LTSP 5 (K12LTSP uses LTSP 4.2, K12Linux uses LTSP 5) took a more standardized approach to sound on the clients, although not all apps work well with it. LTSP 5 also has support for running apps on the client rather than the server (local apps). A few other people have wanted to do what you what you're trying, and, if memory serves, they opted for running apps like Skype on the clients. Search the LTSP mailing list archives for skype for details.


Hamlesh [Personal] wrote:

Another little bug I'm trying to resolve, for some reason I just can't
get the TCs to take an input on a microphone (for use with Skype).

I've made sure the mic is ok by testing on my laptop (running Ubuntu).

Even the Sound Recorder app doesn't get an input, so I'm assuming
their is a configuration issue I need to resolve somewhere, but I
don't know where to start.

I've checked to make sure the channels aren't muted.

Any thoughts?

Thanks :D

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