[K12OSN] F12 Xorg seems much improved (especially intel 845).

Burroughs, Henry HBurroughs at hhprep.org
Wed Nov 18 15:30:34 UTC 2009

I am actually able to run that infernal and evil intel video chipset (my
Gx260s now work).


Also, for Disklessworkstations Term 1220 systems, you need the following
options for those clients:

 X_OPTION_01 = "\"HWCursor\" \"off\""

X_OPTION_02 = "\"SWCursor\" \"on\""


And that will fix the ghost cursor issue (in particular with the use of


I did discover my Disklessworkstations boxes all have 128 MB of ram,
which kinda gets eaten by shared video mem.  I'm going to look to
boosting all those systems to 512 MB to see if performance increases.


Henry Burroughs

Technology Director

Hilton Head Preparatory School


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