[K12OSN] unusual shared folder for teachers

Daniel Howard dhhoward at comcast.net
Mon Nov 23 00:52:44 UTC 2009

Super, thanks Peter and Terrell, I'll set this up for him tomorrow 
evening.  And yes, I'm planning on fl_teachertool being the primary tool 
for him, I just wanted something quick until I can show him all the 
basics of fl_teachertool.  He's gonna love this!  Thanks, Daniel

Peter Scheie wrote:
> To follow up on Terrell's suggestion, see the recipe at 
> http://k12ltsp.org/mediawiki/index.php/Creating_a_homework_hand-in_icon_on_student_desktops 
> which describes much the same thing.
> As for logging all students off, I wrote this for some teachers a few 
> years ago:
> # logoff all the users except the teacher
> me=$(whoami)
> for x in $(last |grep still |cut -f1 -d" " |uniq)
> do
>   if [ "$x" = "$me" ]; then
>     continue
>   else
>     pkill -u $x
>   fi
> done
> This was part of a larger script, called by an icon on the teacher's 
> desktop, that logged out all students and then shutdown the client 
> machines (but without knocking off the teacher who was also on a thin 
> client).  So, you could email the above as a file to the teacher along 
> with steps for making it executable, how to call it with sudo, making 
> sure the teacher is in an appropriate sudoers group, etc (perhaps you 
> could do it yourself if you have ssh access to the server, which I'm 
> guessing you don't).  With all that said, I think it would be easiest 
> to just tell the teacher to try fl_teachertool.  It's pretty 
> self-explanatory.
> Peter
> Terrell Prude' Jr. wrote:
>> Ah, finally an easy one!  :-)  This is how public FTP servers have 
>> allowed contributors to upload stuff for 20 years.  What you do is 
>> set permissions on that directory (folder) to 730.  Ownership would 
>> be by the language arts teacher, and the group ownership would be by 
>> "students".  Your students's userID's would all be in this "students" 
>> group.  What we're doing here is giving full permissions to 
>> "lateacher", but write-only and permissions to group "students".
>> The kids can upload all they want.  They can even re-upload over what 
>> they just uploaded to you, since the file will be owned by their own 
>> userID's (say if they make a last-minute correction and want up 
>> upload a newer version).  But they cannot see anything that's in that 
>> directory, not even the file they just uploaded.  Furthermore, they 
>> cannot clobber any file owned by any other userID; e. g. "student1" 
>> cannot mess with a file owned by "student2".
>> So, when you're done, it'd look something like this with an "ls -l".
>> drwx-wx--- 2 lateacher students 4096 Nov 22 14:13 LA-SharedFolder/
>> I did this with a test directory of /LA-SharedFolder.  You can, of 
>> course, put this folder anywhere you want, be it under /home, /var, 
>> /, or even /Cucamonga if you just want to.  :-)
>> --TP
>> Daniel Howard wrote:
>>> I just set up a 1:1 classroom for an language arts teacher so 
>>> students can spend much more time doing their essays, etc. on the PC 
>>> in class, start digital portfolios, etc., and one request from the 
>>> teacher that came up is to have a shared folder for students to drop 
>>> copies (and serve as backup) of their documents, but have it so that 
>>> students can drop folders there but cannot read other's work, and in 
>>> particular not delete other's work, so permissions have to be set in 
>>> a new way (for me at least).  Then, after the teacher edits their 
>>> work, he wants to put it back on their desktops.  The teacher has a 
>>> classroom server running K12LTSP 5EL (I just couldn't get the old 
>>> laptops working right in K12Linux, sadly), and he has about 100 
>>> student accounts for his 5 classes.  Any advice?
>>> Also, I'm going to train him on how to use fl_teachertool, but won't 
>>> get to until after Thanksgiving due to our schedules.  Is there a 
>>> simple command he can issue in the meantime from the command line on 
>>> his server to log all users off at the end of one class so that 
>>> students don't sit down and start doing things on another student's 
>>> account (like cyber bullying)?  After a while, students will log in 
>>> to get their customized desktops, but for now I want him to have a 
>>> way to force things.
>>> Any other suggestions for a 1:1 language arts class that would 
>>> really show the power of a classroom server-based thin client 
>>> system?  I have a highly motivated teacher who considers himself the 
>>> 'luckiest teacher in the state' to get this system and a 1:1 in his 
>>> class.
>>> Best, Daniel
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