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Re: [K12OSN] CentOS5 + Flash + Sound

First, although I mentioned using CentOS, just to be certain, this is Ltsp4.2 which is not supported .. but sound does work well once I get the pieces sorted out again.

so ... following is going to be a bit confused.
I do not have access to the one 64bit server we have here. Is the
nswrapper flash player( listed in your about:plugins) a spin off of some
sort? I do not remember if our 64bit is the nswrapper thingie?
In other words the 32bit does not have the nswrapper listed in the file name.

Actually, it seems there are two versions of nsplugginwrapper. One that wraps 32bit for x86_64 and another that says it wraps x86_64 bit plugins for x86_64 (strange, but that is also what it seems to do). 

In my /usr/lib64/mozilla directory, I have plugins and plugins-wrapped.  I have /usr/lib/firefox64/firefox-3.0.14 since that is the version I'm using but all plugins go in the mozilla directory.  All the items in plugins are x86_64 versions, but they get wrapped anyway and then show up in the plugins-wrapped directory.  If I uninstall nsplugginwrapper, FF3.0.14 (x86_64) doesn't show any plugins at all whereas with nsplugginwrapper installed, they are shown. 

Confused?  I know I am at the moment.

What I wanted was to wrap the 32bit  v9 version of Flash (where I know sound used to work  and Flash 10 x86_64 doesn't seem to work with sound for me). 

So, since using the x86_64 seems to be a bit problematic, I am going to try reverting back to just downloading the precompiled 32bit version, install it in /opt, create symlinks from /usr/bin/firefox to it and go from there at the moment.  I was hoping to move to just x86_64 on my system but given the way things have gone, it may be time to try something else.

Not sure if I will try this today though since I leave for a week and making a change late on a Friday afternoon just before vacation seems to be begging for problems on Monday.  FF3 is stable as long as teachers don't visit aol.com (which takes forever to load for them). 

Dave Hopkins

This may be worth a try just to make sure you have all your ducks in a row.
Run commands as root:

mkdir /tmp/.esd
touch /tmp/.esd/socket

Go to:   http://www.123greetings.com

And try and play a couple of the flash cards.
This is a starting point anyway.
Let us know your progress.

Take Care,

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