[K12OSN] CentOS5 + Flash + Sound

Steven James Drinnan steven at sjdsoft.hk
Mon Oct 5 03:04:56 UTC 2009

If you are using the wrapper, does your system use pulse sound server?
(Not sure if centos 5 uses pulse)

I just saw an article that said that flash uses alsa so you may need the
alsa-pulse component installed.


On Fri, 2009-10-02 at 15:02 -0400, David Hopkins wrote:
> First, although I mentioned using CentOS, just to be certain, this is
> Ltsp4.2 which is not supported .. but sound does work well once I get
> the pieces sorted out again. 
> so ... following is going to be a bit confused.
>         I do not have access to the one 64bit server we have here. Is
>         the
>         nswrapper flash player( listed in your about:plugins) a spin
>         off of some
>         sort? I do not remember if our 64bit is the nswrapper thingie?
>         In other words the 32bit does not have the nswrapper listed in
>         the file name.
> Actually, it seems there are two versions of nsplugginwrapper. One
> that wraps 32bit for x86_64 and another that says it wraps x86_64 bit
> plugins for x86_64 (strange, but that is also what it seems to do).  
> In my /usr/lib64/mozilla directory, I have plugins and
> plugins-wrapped.  I have /usr/lib/firefox64/firefox-3.0.14 since that
> is the version I'm using but all plugins go in the mozilla directory.
> All the items in plugins are x86_64 versions, but they get wrapped
> anyway and then show up in the plugins-wrapped directory.  If I
> uninstall nsplugginwrapper, FF3.0.14 (x86_64) doesn't show any plugins
> at all whereas with nsplugginwrapper installed, they are shown.  
> Confused?  I know I am at the moment.
> What I wanted was to wrap the 32bit  v9 version of Flash (where I know
> sound used to work  and Flash 10 x86_64 doesn't seem to work with
> sound for me).  
> So, since using the x86_64 seems to be a bit problematic, I am going
> to try reverting back to just downloading the precompiled 32bit
> version, install it in /opt, create symlinks from /usr/bin/firefox to
> it and go from there at the moment.  I was hoping to move to just
> x86_64 on my system but given the way things have gone, it may be time
> to try something else.
> Not sure if I will try this today though since I leave for a week and
> making a change late on a Friday afternoon just before vacation seems
> to be begging for problems on Monday.  FF3 is stable as long as
> teachers don't visit aol.com (which takes forever to load for them).  
> Sincerely,
> Dave Hopkins
>         This may be worth a try just to make sure you have all your
>         ducks in a row.
>         Run commands as root:
>         mkdir /tmp/.esd
>         touch /tmp/.esd/socket
>         Go to:   http://www.123greetings.com
>         And try and play a couple of the flash cards.
>         This is a starting point anyway.
>         Let us know your progress.
>         Take Care,
>         Barry
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