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Re: [K12OSN] CentOS5 + Flash + Sound

On Sun, Oct 4, 2009 at 11:04 PM, Steven James Drinnan <steven sjdsoft hk> wrote:
If you are using the wrapper, does your system use pulse sound server?
(Not sure if centos 5 uses pulse)

I just saw an article that said that flash uses alsa so you may need the
alsa-pulse component installed.


CentOS doesn't use pulse.  Still using esd.  I reverted the systems to a 32-bit version (FF 3.5) and I am monitoring the system as users start FF with this version.  When I had the 32-bit version of Flash 10 installed, it complained about alsa, so I have also reverted Flash back to version 9.  The system seems stable and responsive, but I can't check on sound remotely (via a VPN) so that will have to wait till I get back to the school.  /tmp/.esd/socket does exist though and I have libflashsupport installed.

Thanks for all the help guys!  It is appreciated.

Dave Hopkins

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