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[K12OSN] Major schools deployments


I am aware generally of proposed and existing Linux deployments in schools in Portland (Oregon), Indiana, Kerala (India), Extremadura (Spain), Russia, and Brazil, but I am wondering if anyone can summarize in just a paragraph or so what is going on with those deployments. 

Also, has anyone heard what is going on at the Riverdale High School in Portland, Oregon?  Is Paul Nelson still there?

I would also love to hear a brief paragraph from people about their school deployments.  Do you have LDAP or LTSP networks?  Do you have dedicated computer labs?  Do you just have a few standalone Linux computers in classrooms?

I am a volunteer who is supporting two public schools in San Francisco with Linux.  At one school, we have a 31-seat LDAP Ubuntu lab.  That school also has about 20 standalone machines in classrooms.  Those machines are used for basic Internet browsing; for email; and for using TuxType, KTouch, and TuxMath. 

At another school, there are about 31 standalone machines which perfom similar functions to the machines located in the first school.  Our use of Linux is rather primitive.  We are looking to enhance that usage to get more educational benefit from these machines.

Christian Einfeldt,
Producer, The Digital Tipping Point

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