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Re: [K12OSN] RE: Major schools deployments


Thanks for the information.

I am curious about your LTSP5 experiences and the performance problems
you ran into.  What ended up being the performance bottleneck on the
server?  CPU, RAM, network bandwidth, or something else?

I have an F10 K12Linux test system with reasonably fast 3 GHz quad core,
8 GB RAM and dual gig NICs.  My thin clients are all 1.6 GHz Atom
systems with GMA950 video, 1 GB RAM, 100 Mbit NIC.  Even with only one
client running the client desktop is not exactly snappy.  It takes about
2 or 3 seconds to restore a minimized Thunderbird window, and about 1
second to restore a Firefox window.

Interestingly the server CPU, RAM and network utilization are quite low
so I don't think there is a bottleneck at the server.  My guess is it is
something with the client -- probably video, CPU, or NIC but I have not
researched enough to know which yet.

In your experience does the client performance get worse as more clients
are added?  That would definitely be problematic as users are so far
unimpressed by the sluggishness.


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