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Re: [K12OSN] RE: Major schools deployments

Hi all,

I'm a computer tech for the local school board.  We did have an ltsp setup in one classroom at a school unfortunately it did not last long for various reasons including staff changes.

Currently the 30 elementary and 3 secondary schools are all Windows based with a Mac lab at each secondary school.  With the one key teacher/computer consultant that was the innovator in bringing this project to the board now gone there is no interest in supporting it.

I appreciate the positive information that everyone has shared.  My hope is that I can somehow re-generate an interest in using an LTSP in the schools so that students will have the experience of different operating systems and not a proprietary one.  I imagine that the computer courses in the secondary schools would see the benefit of students bulding a supporting an ltsp for hands on experience.

Unfortunately I am not a teacher so I have little or no say in even suggesting an ltsp so I'm constantly looking for reasons and examples to show that it can be successful.  

Here in Ontario the Ministry of Education purchases educational software licenses for schools so it's a little more difficult to push open source software.  Since most applications are Windows based it's a hard sell for an ltsp.

There was an idea of setting up mini-ltsp labs for grades JK-1 with educational software geared towards the younger students but the IT manager believes it's just as easy as buying some Windows machines instead.  

It's an up hill battle here but I'm glad to here about other people's successes.  


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