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Re: [K12OSN] using really old PCs as clients

 S√łndag 11. oktober 2009 17.44.09 skrev raju VK :
> I have successfully installed the terminal server on my fc10
>  desktop.. Now my question is now I can use some vintage (1998/99)
>  PCs as clients. The PCs has no option to boot from network. Other
>  wise they are still functional. If I use a network card with boot
>  ROM can I connect these PCs to the terminal server ?. I googling the
>  net last two days does not yield any result.
> with thanks in advance,
> Raju

One person that is using realy old PC as clients (like i486 w/4MB ram) 
is Alberto Castillo from Argentina. Search the listarchives for mail 
from him,  Alberto Castillo <proyecto edulin gmail com>

That would be a good startin point.

Klaus Ade
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