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Re: [K12OSN] OT - Mapping software

Barry Cisna wrote:
Hello List,

Just curious if anyone on the board here has found a decent mapping
software for Linux? I have tried RoadNav/(Navit) but it is just too
clunky for decent functionality. I am sure the developers have put in a
lot of time getting this software to the point it is. I tried making an
install of M$ Streets and Trips (2009) but it is just too heavy for wine
to find all the bits to link to,etc. I am guessing using Google maps is
just what will have to work? Was wanting something that trips could be
figured up 'offline'. Thanks for any ideas.
Take Care,
Barry Cisna

Hello Barry:
If you're interested in mapping as in GIS, then there's a wealth of software to choose from. You might start at the osgeo.org or freegis.org websites to get an overview of the web mapping applications, desktop apps, databases etc.

Worthy of special mention is the OpenStreetMap project, a wiki-like data set of street maps and points of interest, collected and uploaded by users, and slowly expanding across the globe. OSM data can be viewed online and downloaded, viewed, and manipulated (i.e. add your own street...) with the desktop application QGIS and a GPS, using the OpenStreetMap plugin.

At the "high end" there's PostGIS, an enterprise class geo-enabled database, and GRASS, the grand daddy of FOSS GIS analysis.

If you're looking for a GPS routing program, based on OS software, I know there's something afoot. See:
but I don't know how far along they are.


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