[K12OSN] Hi tech classroom with no student PCs

dhhoward at comcast.net dhhoward at comcast.net
Tue Oct 20 17:22:21 UTC 2009

I just attended a seminar where someone did a demo of a telepresence system in a classroom. It was an advanced high school chemistry class and the kids been collaborating with a local tech university, and were involved in all kinds of cool nanotechnology education stuff, carbon nanotubes, scanning electron microscope digital images, etc. The system cost the school about $10-15k for one classroom, and the quality of the video was very good, in fact I could see the entire classroom pretty well. Which is why during the Q&A, your humble correspondent had to ask "How many computers do you have in your classroom?" The answer was... one teacher computer. That's it, no student computers. This is 2009, and an advanced (AP) high school chemistry class has no student computers. And no, the students didn't have laptops either. 

Just think what this crowd could do with $10-15k... 


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