[K12OSN] Setting up VNC remote support

Peter Scheie peter at scheie.homedns.org
Tue Oct 27 00:03:50 UTC 2009

Are you running K12LTSP or K12Linux?  K12LTSP included fl_teachertool which 
allows you to do just what you want: see, and optionally control, any given 
user's screen.  fl_teachertool is not quite ready for K12Linux, although Robert 
Arkiletian, the author, is working on it.


Jon Williams wrote:
> I don't know why I'm having such a hard time with this but I'm having no 
> luck in configuring vnc support for my test LTSP server.  What I would 
> like to do is be able to vnc into a end user's session and troubleshoot 
> any and all issues they may be having by viewing what they have on the 
> screen.
> The approach I've taken is by installing the vnc-ltsp-config package and 
> then tweaking Xinetd setting to try and get things to work.  No matter 
> what I try however, ever vnc session I initiate gives me a gray screen 
> and nothing else. 
> I know I'm making this harder then it has to be.  Can anyone provide any 
> pointers on the best way to troubleshoot this?
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