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Re: [K12OSN] Setting up VNC remote support

K12LTSP comes with a bunch of "Edutainment" software already installed, although it can be added to K12Linux without much difficulty. The one app that may push your choice one way or another is Firefox. If users will be doing a lot of streaming video, e.g., YouTube, then K12Linux's support for local apps--where the application runs on the client hardware rather than on the server--will likely become crucial.


Jon Williams wrote:
Open Office, Firefox, Java, Opera 9.27 (for a crappy legacy webside that only works in IE and that version of Opera), rdesktop (with printer redirection)...and I think that's about it. We have a couple of computers in both of our inpatient units that are set up for family members to use. I'll likely set up a whole range of games for the kids.

I'm busy setting up K12LTSP to test fl_teachertool. It looks exactly like what we are looking for. I'm also very intrigued with iTALC (http://en.opensuse.org/Italc). I'm setting up another test station with opensuse to play around with it since that package appears to be in their repository and fairly easy to set up. If I like it I'm going to try and set that up on K12Linux. I have about another month before I'm testing this out in production in a couple of our agencies. Maybe Robert will have a beta version of fl_teachertool ready to go by then and I can help give him some feedback. Thanks again for the great feedback. I was at a dead end and you folks helped point me in the right direction.

On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 12:22 PM, William Fragakis <william fragakis com <mailto:william fragakis com>> wrote:

    What apps will you be using?

    If you are using primarily office types of apps, K12LTSP is rock solid.
    K12Linux better integrates Firefox/Flash, imho, and can take advantage
    of more powerful clients.

    If you really need desktop support and monitoring, fl_teachertool is
    absolutely mind-blowing. It does way more than simply grabbing a screen

    btw, put a freenx server on your LTSP servers if you haven't already.
    It's brilliant to come in from a remote location with FreeNX, running
    fl_teachertool and getting a user up and running before they've even
    finished their call to you.


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     > Jon Williams wrote:
     > > K12Linux. Thanks for the great info.  I'll check out K12LTSP.  My
     > hope
     > > is to roll this out to about 40 of our agencies throughout 2
     > So
     > > I've got to get remote support to a point where it is very solid.
     > I wrote up a solution which WFM:
     > http://wiki.ltsp.org/twiki/bin/view/Ltsp/X11vncLocalApp
     > Jeff

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