[K12OSN] Is anyone else using 64 bit clients?

"Terrell Prudé Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Thu Sep 3 04:45:46 UTC 2009

Phydeaux wrote:
> At 12:24 PM 09/02/09, Almquist Burke wrote:
>> Unless your client's are going to run local applications that use  
>> each use A LOT (like over 2GB) of memory, there isn't any benefit to  
>> going 64 bit at all.
> I'm well aware of that.
> reb 

Then, in what way do you believe that you're not "taking advantage of 
what you've got", as you put it?  Is there something unusual that you're 
doing that requires 64-bit operation specifically on the thin client?

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