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Re: [K12OSN] Is anyone else using 64 bit clients?

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On Sep 2, 2009, at 11:45 PM, Terrell Prudé Jr. wrote:

Phydeaux wrote:

At 12:24 PM 09/02/09, Almquist Burke wrote:

Unless your client's are going to run local applications that use each use A LOT (like over 2GB) of memory, there isn't any benefit to going 64 bit at all.
I'm well aware of that. reb

Then, in what way do you believe that you're not "taking advantage of what you've got", as you put it? Is there something unusual that you're doing that requires 64-bit operation specifically on the thin client?


In the words of LeoMcGarry
"Sometimes the best way to help somebody solve a problem is to point out that they don't have to solve the problem at all."

Phydeaux, we don't mean to seem rude or unhelpful, it just seems like the smart thing to do would be to have a i386 chroot for the thin clients. I understand why you'd want the server to use the x86_64 version, as it's likely to be addressing larger memory spaces. We just don't get why you'd want to be the guinea pig for x86_64 on the thin client? (And you would be, cause I'm guessing very few people build the chroot for the thin client as 64 bit.) I'm sure the developers will fix the USB problem that the x86_64 clients have, I just don't expect to see it this week. In short, blow away your chroot and rebuild it as i386. Hopefully, down the line, they'll fix this and you can try out the x86_64 chroot again. Personally, I avoid the 64 bit stuff, unless I need it on a big server, because it's still young and not supported or tested as well as 32 bit. (That and you didn't have a lot of 3rd party binary stuff that worked on x86_64, since it was all 32 bit.) IT's not because the dev team isn't trying, but it's been running on i386 longer, and there are still many more users on i386, at least for booting the thin clients.
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