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j.w. thomas jthomas at bittware.com
Thu Sep 3 12:30:01 UTC 2009

Brian Fristensky wrote:
> j.w. thomas wrote:
>> I'm running K12LTSP-EL5-64 (The 64-bit Centos-based version) in a 
>> one-room multi-grade school.  The teacher wants to send some of the 
>> kids to a flash-based website while she instructs others, but for the 
>> life of me, I cannot seem to get Flash working.
>> I went to adobe and followed their instructions (which is where the 
>> wiki directs me anyhow).  I did a "yum update flash-plugin" and 
>> everything was peaches. 
> Since you don't mention it at this point, here's what worked on my system
> using Seamonkey:
> cd /usr/lib64/seamonkey-1.1.17/plugins
> ln -s  /usr/local/lib64/libflashplayer.so
> Firefox doesn't have a plugins directory, but you might try making the
> link in /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins.

I don't have Seamonkey installed, but I'm willing to give that a go.  I 
did create /usr/lib64/mozilla and copy libflashplayer.so to it.  There's 
also a copy at /usr/lib/mozilla IIRC.  I'll double-check this evening.

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