[K12OSN] Is anyone else using 64 bit clients?

Almquist Burke burke at thealmquists.net
Thu Sep 3 16:58:25 UTC 2009

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On Sep 3, 2009, at 9:01 AM, Phydeaux wrote:

> At 03:06 AM 09/03/09, you wrote:
> We're now using the i386 chroot for the clients.  We had no idea that
> we were the Guinea pigs for the x86_64 clients.  Then again, if nobody
> uses the x86_64 software, the bugs in it won't be found and fixed
> nearly as fast.   We ran all last year with x86_64 clients and the
> _only_ issue we had with it that did not also exist in the 32 bit  
> clients
> was the USB problem.  That seems pretty good to me.
> Thanks,
> reb

Like I said, it's not that they don't test them, It's just that with  
fewer users, you are more likely to catch bugs like that.  Hopefully  
they can get it fixed and you can go back to 64 bit if you'd like.  
But at least it works for now!
	Was the problem exactly as described in those bug reports? Or was it  
different for you?
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