[K12OSN] setting quotas per user to solve our slow login process

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Fri Sep 11 16:50:48 UTC 2009

OK Gadi, we'll try this, thanks! Daniel 

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On Fri, 2009-09-11 at 12:38 -0400, Gideon Romm wrote: 
> On Fri, 2009-09-11 at 10:25 -0400, Daniel Howard wrote: 
> > Dan Young wrote: 
> > > Sounds like: 
> > > https://bugs.launchpad.net/ltsp/+bug/357268 
> > > 
> > > If you're not using localapps, you can test to see if this is the bug by: 
> > > 
> > > cd /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/share/ldm/rc.d/ 
> > > mv X01-localapps oldX01-localapps 
> > > 
> > > Then reboot your terminal. 
> > Thanks Dan. We tried it to no avail. This seems like a bug because we 
> > switched a server back to K12LTSP and had 1000+ accounts up, no problem, 
> > boot up in seconds. Unfortunately that is likely to be the solution for 
> > the time being until we can resolve the large number of accounts/slow 
> > bootup issue with K12Linux, or anyone can suggest other avenues for us 
> > to explore. Thanks, Daniel 
> Daniel, 
> K12LTSP is based on LTSP5, which uses ssh to login to the server. Can 
> you test to see if running: ssh -Y user at server from another box takes 
> a long time? 
> If so, then add "-vvv" to the ssh command line, like: ssh -vvv -Y 
> user at server 
> This will make ssh verbose and you will see at what point it hangs. 
> By default, sshd on the server runs through several authentication 
> mechanisms, and if it takes earlier/unused ones time to fail, you'll 
> feel it. You can optimize things by identifying the one that fails and 
> turning it off in the sshd_config file. A common one I have seen is: 
> GSSAPIAuthentication 
> Sometimes, setting that to "no" will speed up ssh logins a great deal. 
> -Gadi 

Oops! I meant to say "K12Linux is based on LTSP5" 

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