[K12OSN] video trouble running X with IBM Thinkpad R31 thin clients

Daniel Howard dhhoward at comcast.net
Mon Sep 14 01:55:11 UTC 2009

I'm setting up a 1:1 english/language arts classroom with K12Linux using 
a bunch of these laptops.  Unfortunately my old trick of adding 
XSERVER=VESA to LTS.CONF didn't work in K12Linux like it did in K12LTSP 
for them; I get the blue background and the login box, but no graphics 
and I can't enter the text into the box either, so after trying 
XSERVER=i810, and a few other options to no avail, I did some googling,  
and discovered that others have had issues with this, something about 
the i810 drivers not working/being buggy in the latest version of 
LTSP.   I put Xubuntu 9.04 on one laptop as a test and it worked just 
fine.  Does anyone know of new info on how to get thin clients with this 
Intel video chip?  Can I look at something on the Xubuntu laptop (the 
xorg.conf file?) that I set up in order to divine a custom setup for 
K12Linux, and if so how?

Also, I was hoping to use FL_TeacherTool on this classroom server, is it 
ready yet?  Saw several posts by maestro Arkiletian that one was in the 

Best, Daniel

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