[K12OSN] GDM login problem with automounted NFS home directories

Sean Harbour SHarbour at nwresd.k12.or.us
Mon Sep 14 16:25:58 UTC 2009

I've run into a problem using the old last stable version of K12LTSP on CentOS 5.3 64 bit.

Our situation is a little out of the ordinary as we are automounting the users home directories exported from a Windows 2003 AD integrated file server via the built in Unix NFS server tools. The exported home directory is actually the Windows account individual document shares.

This works pretty well so far, except that all users logging in via GDM get a really annoying popup message telling them their home directory permissions are incorrect.

It seems to be related to the following bug report:




Making changes on the NFS server side is probably not going to work, as custom configuration of the NFS server is limited to a couple of checkboxes, and I've pretty much tried them all at this point.

I've tried the following suggested work around with no success. It seems as if the included GDM version 2.16 does not support these options on CentOS 5.3?




Any suggestions? If I have to, we can look at mounting the exported home as a subdirectory, but I would really prefer to make this work as is, it solves a lot of problems with students misplacing their documents when transitioning back and forth between Linux and Windows labs.


Sean Harbour
Senior Network Engineer
Northwest Regional Education Service District
sharbour at nwresd.k12.or.us

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