[K12OSN] Re: K12OSN Digest, Vol 67, Issue 13

Daniel Howard dhhoward at comcast.net
Wed Sep 16 19:49:30 UTC 2009

Alan Hodson wrote:
> The Middle School where this is going to go has 800+ students, and although I give everybody an account (using Webmin to batch-create the AS400 provided student data) only about a 100 of them will actually use the thin clients, 10-20 at a time.
> Anybody knows where the latest K12LTSP 5EL isos are? 
That's our story too, we'll only have up to 100 or so thin clients per 
server active at a time, but the 1000+ user accounts kills the login 
time (5+ minutes).

Here's where I go for them:

Best, Daniel

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