[K12OSN] ssh commands

Alan Hodson ahodson at elp.rr.com
Fri Sep 25 11:51:14 UTC 2009

Greetings list

After a successful install and update of Centos 5 on a new server, I am 
trying to remember how to use the ssh command to remotely be able to 
tweak a user's account. [ssh -l username 10.###.###.### -X] works nicely 
after user root set up the initial contact. I am able to type [firefox] 
to remotely setup their browser, [oowrite] to set up OpenOffice, etc. 
I've tried studying the [Properties] of an icon, to discover what 
command they represent.
I would be thankful if someone tells me what command to use to actually 
activate the true desktop image that the user sees, allowing me to, 
among other things, interchange the position of bars. SSH is a nice and 
powerful control tool.
Alan Hodson
El Paso ISD, TX

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