[K12OSN] need help running sshd on client for fl_teachertool

Jeff Siddall news at siddall.name
Tue Sep 29 14:16:46 UTC 2009

Gideon Romm wrote:
> Robert, no need for sshd on the client for this! LTSP5 has a whole
> system for starting processes after X launches, but before the greeter.
> There are in fact two different paths of interest in your chroot:
> .../usr/share/ltsp/xinitrc.d/  (This is used for ANY graphical screen
> script, ldm, rdesktop, etc)
> .../usr/share/ldm/rc.d/ (This is used only for LDM)
> If you create a script prefixed with the capital letter "I" (as in
> "init"), this script will be *sourced* after X initializes but before
> the greeter.
> This is the ideal place to put a call to x11vnc.  Just make sure you
> call x11vnc to die along with X, so it starts up every time and does not
> daemonize or anything.
> You will find other scripts in those directories as examples.  If you
> are running an image-based distro, such as ubuntu, remember to update
> the image after making changes.


This is good information, and I agree that sshd is not _required_.
However, it is still recommended for anyone who wants to encrypt traffic
to the client.  It has the added benefit that x11vnc is only launched
when needed, thus not consuming resources on the client continuously.


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