[K12OSN] cable connection - direct to server

Julius Szelagiewicz julius at turtle.com
Sun Apr 4 22:52:08 UTC 2010

> Hello All,
> Trying to cut down,,,again!!,on wiring,plug-ins,etc.
> I wanted to take away the linksys wr54g? router so I could just plug the
> k12ltsp server directly into my sb5120 modem. I have done this in the
> past but was quite some time ago. After getting everything redirected in
> regards to wires,and power cycling the modem(left coax/power
> disconnected for 5 mins),the server would not pull an public ip via
> dhcp. Tried crossover cable even,,no joy. I even tried my trusty Asus
> Netbook with FC10/k12linux,and it would not get an ip address either. As
> soon as I plug the linksys back into modem,it gets the (new) public
> ip,and of course then the k12ltsp server gets the internal ip ,no probs.
> Also rebooting the netbook into windows and plugging into modem it would
> get an ip no probs. I did call the cable company to ask if there was a
> known problem with possibly MTU size or something,quirky,but of course
> no one had any insight. I do not have an extra modem to try to see if
> possibly it is a firmware issue as I have read that cable companies do
> push out firmwares for modems on their networks(This is my own modem).
> Is this legal?...:)
> I did do the arp clear thing on each machine,and in fact a couple times
> when doing a service network restart got a seg fault on the ifup-eth
> script.Ive never seen this happen before. Also the network gui after the
> nic times out throws a strange error saying "i.p.a.d sent 4 packets lost
> 4 packets 100% loss".It is a class C network ip address it is trying to
> ping? never seen that before,either.
> Any ideas?
> Sorry for long post.
> Barry
 can you change the MAC of your ethernet port? It worked for me like magic
with Cablevision.


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