[K12OSN] cable connection - direct to server

Sergio Chaves sergio.chaves at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 14:39:49 UTC 2010

Here in "Comcastland", I had to clone the MAC address from the registered 
device to my router and "voila", all is well. 

On Sunday 04 April 2010 09:24:41 pm Barry Cisna wrote:
> julius,
> thanks much for the mac change idea it makes sense,, but i can connect
> two different winders laptops no probs,,with different macs to the
> sb5120 cable modem directly no probs and they obtain the correct info
> from the cable co.
> i did find an old post in regards to someone get IGMP request/multicast
> errors in the sb5120 modem/logs,,,which mine had as well.
> i reset the linux firewall to max to block icmp/igmp (i think) but still
> the k12ltsp machine threw errors,pinging from to
>,,it may be a diff ip the next time as well?
> about a month ago this cable co run new fiber and upped the throughput.
> i am going to call them and try and talk to one gentleman that seems
> very knowledgeable on what is going on there,,hopefully,,:-).
> Sidenote: Some time back I built an k12ltsp server for my neighbor for
> his kids to run off of. I experienced the very same behavior as he has
> the same sb5120 modem/same cable co,,and his server really struggles to
> get an ip as it was plugged directly into the sb5120 but would
> eventually get an ip address.it may take one two days,say after the
> power went out for example. very odd,,,huh.
> barry
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