[K12OSN] cable connection - direct to server

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Thu Apr 8 23:21:33 UTC 2010

Hello All,

Thank You to those that gave ideas. 
Still have not figured out this delema. Thanks Les,on the Wireshark
thing. I was about burned out on jockeying wires around,:-)But by doing
the Wireshark routine,I see that the nic was in fact using ipv6,even
though it was disabled in the network gui. I also had disabled in
the /etc/sysconfig file as well & still using ipv6?? Come to find out
there are two lines you have to add in modprobe to disable inet6 on
centos 5 at kernel level. OK, got inet6 disabled and still find that the
server never tries to pull a dhcp from the cable modem/ISP router.
Called Motorola and no help there as soon as you mention linux its
shuffle off time. The cable co,,of course sees that the cable modem is
online so that's all the further that convo goes,which is

What I have surmised is that when plugging the cat5 cable into the modem
from the eth1(/Broadcom bcm5751) there is never a link light,at the
activity light on the modem until the nic is activated. This is not
right I am sure(I think,,,:-) ) I tried an cross over just to verify it
would not work as well,it didn't make a light either. It almost appears
as the nic sees the modem as a "legacy device"? Another one of my
wonderful theories is that most SOHO routers are still 2.4 kernel
firmware to the best of my knowledge and maybe this is why the old
trusty sb5120 negotiates fine with these routers which 99% of time is
the standard home setup. Also wondering if possibly something quirky in
the broadcom driver as i have read some weirdness with most any broadcom
stuff in different scenarios. Bottom line this server grabs ip no probs
on an ethernet to ethernet connection (at work, as well as the linksys
I think Im going to spring for a docsis 3.0 modem and see what happens
there. I have learned a lot about docsis specs etc,if nothing else.
Sorry for long post!

Barry Cisna

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