[K12OSN] mounting local filesystem failed

Henry Dwa henrydwa at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 06:10:11 UTC 2010

HI barry,
I decide using K12Fedora10 with live CD iso. Because easy to install
and running well without warning/failed when client start.
My internet connection are slow, download 4GB iso, maybe finish on next week.

> Why don't you post up what you are going to be using as TC's and I am
> sure someone will give you tips on client setup,etc.

I dont know, whats wrong, because i'm a linux newbie,
i only read installation guide, and after install i try to reboot
server and start the client, and two failed messages.

Anyway, thankyou for read my email,

Now, 80% client in my office using linux, and maintenance was easy with LTSP.



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