[K12OSN] Auto shutdown certain clients

j.w. thomas jthomas at bittware.com
Thu Apr 15 22:38:33 UTC 2010

Steven Santos wrote:
> Could you script a screen saver to create a file when it turns on, and
> delete it when it the screen saver turns off?  If you can do this, then all
> you have to do is have your cron job scan that file, and then compare that
> time stamp with the current time.  If the file doesn't exist, the computer
> is in use, and the cron script should exit.  If the difference is less than
> X, the computer may still be used and then exit your cron script.  If the
> difference is equal to or more than X, its been on too long, shut down the
> terminal.

I would be inclined to have a cron job run frequently checking uptime. 
Dunno if TC's maintain uptime or how you'd get them to see theirs (vs 
the server's), but if it could be done, it would be fairly clean.

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