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Re: [K12OSN] cable connection - direct to server

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Around here, the cable companies make you register the mac address of whatever you connect to the modem to your account. Usually if you plug in a device to a modem that is unregistered, you get a 10.* IP address and any attempt to connect to the internet gets you a registration page.

You might also try disabling IPv6 too, at least on that interface. I've seen ISP's have strange trouble with stuff like this when you have IPv6 on.

On Apr 3, 2010, at 7:01 PM, Barry Cisna wrote:

Hello All,

Trying to cut down,,,again!!,on wiring,plug-ins,etc.
I wanted to take away the linksys wr54g? router so I could just plug the
k12ltsp server directly into my sb5120 modem. I have done this in the
past but was quite some time ago. After getting everything redirected in
regards to wires,and power cycling the modem(left coax/power
disconnected for 5 mins),the server would not pull an public ip via
dhcp. Tried crossover cable even,,no joy. I even tried my trusty Asus
Netbook with FC10/k12linux,and it would not get an ip address either. As
soon as I plug the linksys back into modem,it gets the (new) public
ip,and of course then the k12ltsp server gets the internal ip ,no probs. Also rebooting the netbook into windows and plugging into modem it would
get an ip no probs. I did call the cable company to ask if there was a
known problem with possibly MTU size or something,quirky,but of course
no one had any insight. I do not have an extra modem to try to see if
possibly it is a firmware issue as I have read that cable companies do
push out firmwares for modems on their networks(This is my own modem).
Is this legal?...:)
I did do the arp clear thing on each machine,and in fact a couple times
when doing a service network restart got a seg fault on the ifup-eth
script.Ive never seen this happen before. Also the network gui after the nic times out throws a strange error saying "i.p.a.d sent 4 packets lost 4 packets 100% loss".It is a class C network ip address it is trying to
ping? never seen that before,either.
Any ideas?
Sorry for long post.


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