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Re: [K12OSN] cable connection - direct to server

On 4/7/2010 10:29 AM, Barry Cisna wrote:
Hello All,

Thanks for all the suggestions. What I have tried:
1) Cloned MAC address of HFC/(cable mac) modem to server eth1, no luck.
2) Cloned MAC address of eth1 k12ltsp server to Linksys router router
obtains ip address as expected from sb5120.
3) Made sure arp cache is cleared( This happens when eth1 is
One thing I noticed that is odd is,when the eth1 cat5 wire is plugged
into modem the activity light is unlit. After activating the eth1 and
goes through the trying to obtain IP address gyrations,and fails,the
modem activity light stays lit. It appears at this point the SB5120
modem is hanged.
Of course I do not have a spare/different modem to try with. The
connection is rock solid with the Linksys modem attached,though.
As I stated before the server always throws different errors each time
after trying to obtain an ip.
This a 3 year old modem and design wise I'm guessing 6-7 years old.

If you are interested in debugging, you might try doing a wireshark capture of the DHCP request/response from the router and server to see what is different. The easy way to do this would be to insert an old hub (that bridges all the ports) in the connection and use a different machine (so the interface is already active) to do the capture. If you have thrown out all your hubs, you can do the same with a managed switch that lets one port monitor another.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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