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Re: [K12OSN] users not logging into my thin client environment

I think you misunderstand how LTSP works. The applications that users run actually run on the server. The client environment is only used to *display* the applications that are running on the server. An LTSP client is sort of like a remote console. You can designate individual applications to be run locally on the clients, but this is not the default. If you truly want the clients to be running stand-alone environments, you might look at DRBL (Diskless Remote Boot Linux). But make sure your clients are up to the task.


Mathieu Pelletier wrote:
So, I have successfully set up my LTSP server and the clients boot successfully. I have even changed the default LDM theme and it looks brilliant! But now, I have a small problem that my users upon logging in are not in the LTSP environment (the one in /opt/ltsp/i386). They are actually logged into the server environment. My server is running F13 and my thin client environment image is F12 (since the F13 ltsp enviro wasn't building and due to stability on the client). Anyway, everything seems to be working great on the client in spite of this. I do, however want my users to be using the proper environment, since my changes and customisations for that image needs to be replicated to the client, and obviously the users do not need all the services on the server's image. My question is how do I remedy this so that users login to the correct environment. The login screen is taken from /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/share/ldm/themes, but once the user logs in they have the F13 background and everything. It seems to me that the solution should be pretty easy, but I have not found much information on how to properly create user accounts. I have the users home directory mounted in /opt/ltsp/i386/home/username, so this part is working.

~Thanks for your help!

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