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[K12OSN] Extra NFS filesystems on client

I have some ltsp-localapps that need access to server files outside the
user home directory.  I stumbled across the LOCAL_APPS_EXTRAMOUNTS
setting in the upstream lts.conf docs which looks like what I want but
that doesn't seem to do anything in K12Linux.

So I went to trying to mount NFS filesystems with a chroot script
instead.  I created mount points in /tmp (since that was easy and
writeable) and fired up rpcbind and nfslock in init.d.  However, when I
tried to mount I got some log entries about rpc.statd not being able to
write to /var/lib/rpcbind/portmap.xdr.

So I created /var/lib/rpcbind as a tmpfs and confirmed it is writeable.
 Now when I try to mount NFS filesystems it goes away for a very long
time with no errors in the client /var/log/messages while the server
shows repeated:

mountd[1867]: authenticated mount request from for ...

But eventually I get:

mount.nfs: Connection timed out
mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting...

Any ideas how I can mount extra NFS filesystems on the client?



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