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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP for 486

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I don't think you'll get any version of LTSP 5 running on a 486. Frankly, given the additional overhead of LTSP5, I don't think an intel 486 has the horsepower to run it, certainly not if you want a GUI and not just terminals, If you want/need to keep using those terminals, I'd stay with LTSP 4 on CentOS. You won't get stuff like local apps, and local media and sound won't work as well, but on clients like that, you probably weren't running flash or stuff like that anyway. Just wordprocessing and the like. That stuff work's just fine on LTSP4. and CentOS still gets security updates.

OTOH, from what I can see, there aren't actually 486 chips, they are '200 mhz x86'. I don't think the intel 486 ever crossed 100mhz IIRC. But at 200mhz, they are probably i586, not i686. The manufacture's website isn't really clear on this. You might try the debianedu distro, it might still support i586 hardware on the clients. I think they recommend 133Mhz or faster and 128Mb of RAM for thin clients. Obviously, if you want diskless workstations or full workstations (processing done on the client side, processing and local storage) then you need more hardware.

On Aug 24, 2010, at 5:04 PM, Bryan Buchanan wrote:

I've loaded FC13 (i386 version) and LTSP. The LTSP packages have a
kernel compiled for i686.

Unfortunately, my thin clients (Microclient Jr DX and MX) are only 486
compatible, so won't boot with this new version.

Am I able to get a 486 version or build this (easily !) ?


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