[K12OSN] Users can't login

Barry Cisna cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us
Thu Dec 2 12:52:15 UTC 2010


A few more things to consider.

1. You are using an unmanaged switch in your setup?
In other words a cheapo plug n play 10/100/(1000) switch.
I am trying to picture your setup? You have a dsl into your home with a
provided router. Your server is plugged into one of the lan ports, the
TC is plugged into another lan port ,correct.

Nope ,I just thought, this can not work. You are *only* seeing a class C
ip address? hhhmmm
1a. do 'ifconfig' and copy/paste back the response.

2. I wasn't clear enough. Can root log into the server * from a thin
client*. Not ssh.

3. I see that tcp 7100 is not listening. This is usually the case
although I am not familiar with ltsp5 so this may not be necessary now.

4. It appears your ISP is setting the correct setting into your resolve
file for as it is listed now.

5. Run the command 'hostname' and report back what the response is.

6. Open a terminal (as root) and do a ' tail -f /var/log/messages' .
After you have the terminal open,try logging into the server from a thin
Copy/Paste about the last 100 lines into a message here. Maybe something
will pop out of what is happening here.

Report back. Good luck.

Take Care,

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