[K12OSN] Users can't login

Barry Cisna cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us
Fri Dec 3 12:24:11 UTC 2010


After looking at your feedback,I am thinking it is really not an ssh
issue. You should be receiving"This workstation is not authorized to
connect to this server" error if in fact it is ssh related.
You did say you updated FC13 after initial install,so more than likely
the running kernel got updated in the process.

Try booting from the original kernel of FC13 one time and try logging
into the server from an TC.
At the Fedora splash screen tap space bar,> Arrow up,> press ENTER.

If you still receive the same errors / can not connect to server from
TC,you will know that it is related to your client install of ltsp and
not the actual server libs.

Beings you are running 64 bit there could be some behind the scenes
snafoo's in the update process,that haven't got uncovered yet.

Also read through the install wiki again and make sure your nic bridge
setup is correct as Burke mentioned.
I don't think Network manager should be involved,although the client is
downloading the kernel,the ltsp side may get confused behind this.

See if you get any different results.

Take Care,

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