[K12OSN] Thoughts on K12LTSP fading into the sunset

Gavin Spurgeon gspurgeon at redhat.com
Fri Dec 10 10:43:58 UTC 2010

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On 10/12/10 01:00, Peter Scheie wrote:
> I think Warren is still working for Red Hat, but is busy with other
> things. Even so, his focus was never K12LTSP per se, but rather getting
> LTSP 5 to work on RH systems, which he did with Fedora.  Getting LTSP 5
> to work on Centos 5 was difficult if not impossible because Centos 5
> just doesn't have all of the necessary pieces built in.

Warren no longer works for Red Hat.

> Gavin, who also works for RH I believe, is trying to pick up where
> Warren left off.

I have indeed been working on trying to pick things up. I managed to get
LTSP working in F13 and published the .rpm's as well.


The big issue now is the Major changes in F14 are causing some issues
trying to get LTSP working @ all. I am still working on this and have a
friend who is also trying to help, But we are both also swamped with
workloads that seem never ending.

I aim is to have my .rpm's in the Official F13 Repos very early next
year. and then work on seeing *if* LTSP will ever work on F14/RHEL6/CentOS6.

We do have some Bugzilla's open for the work. So as soon as things calm
down here @ work, I will get strait back on the LTSP Train.

> (It would be nice if RH could offer official, paid support for LTSP
> on RHEL 6, although I realize the business case may just not be
> there.)

This is a sad truth @ the moment...

> Centos 6 will be along soon, although I don't think
> anyone should be thinking they'll be able to switch to LTSP 5 on Centos
> 6 over the Christmas break; it just won't be ready.  I think planning to
> make a switch next summer is a more realistic timetable.

With the issues in RHEL 6.0 I 110% agree with Peter here, I would also
hold off a little while until the silly little issues have been worked
out with RHEL 6.0 and 6.1 is released.

> Peter
> Barry Cisna wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> Just curious on what people's thoughts are of what appears to be K12LTSP
>> distro fading into the sunset?. Kid of hate to see the ball dropped.
>> Maybe I am missing something?...
>> What ever became of Warren Tagaomi,that was to carry on
>> k12ltsp,anyway?..

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