[K12OSN] Colour Inkjet Printer Recommendations?

Terrell Prude' Jr. microman at cmosnetworks.com
Sun Dec 19 02:51:19 UTC 2010

Well, I use an HP OfficeJet 6310, and my Dad uses a 6480.  GNU/Linux 
compatibility took a major upswing when HP started releasing specs and 
working on HPIJS.  Basically, just about any recent model of HP inkjet 
printer should be plug 'n' go.

While I don't have an Epson inkjet printer, they too are said to be very 
good with GNU/Linux.


Joseph Bishay wrote:
> Hello,
> I hope everyone is doing well!
> A while back I had asked for recommendations for laser printers that
> work well with LTSP and the responses were excellent and helped me a
> lot.
> I'm back nearly 2 years later to ask for your help again -- but this
> time for colour inkjet printers that work with LTSP.  Need to set up a
> couple in individual offices to keep everyone Linux-happy :)
> Thought I'd take advantage of the Boxing week specials that are going
> to be coming up too.
> So what do you recommend? I'm interested in both networked and ones
> that plug into a thin-client (since many of these offices only have
> one network jack that the client plugs into.
> Thank you!
> Joseph
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