[K12OSN] Colour Inkjet Printer Recommendations?

Terrell Prude' Jr. microman at cmosnetworks.com
Sat Dec 25 20:51:29 UTC 2010

I had to install the latest HPLIP software to support my Dad's OfficeJet 
6500-series. It's very important to first un-install the stock RPM that 
comes with CentOS 5. It's not hard to install the new one, and I've got 
to give HP credit here. They're doing a bang-up job of supporting their 
devices with Free Software.


Barry Cisna wrote:
> Joseph,
> Below is a link to the hplip project. It is working today? I didn't look
> deep enough if this gives the hardware compatibility listing by numbers?
> I know there is a page for this somewhere. I have found that if you hand
> install the latest tarball almost any hp printer to date will be
> supported,though. The Centos 5 rpm's for hplip may not contain the
> driver for your latest,greatest color printer,though.
> Have a look see what you can come up with.
> Let us know what you end up purchasing.
> https://launchpad.net/hplip
> Take Care,
> Barry
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