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Re: [K12OSN] Correct way to prevent screen from going to sleep

Jeff Siddall wrote:
I am trying to get the monitors attached to my LTSP clients to stay on
even when there is no mouse/keyboard connected.

I had been using:

    CONFIGURE_X = True
    X_MONITOR_OPTION_01 = "\"DPMS\" \"false\""

in my lts.conf, and while that works with KDE it does not seem to work
with XFCE.  I also tried disabling the power saving settings in XFCE and
that didn't work either.  Any other ideas?

I have an idea that you will not really want to try, but since it is somewhat amusing, I will share it.

I needed to do this very thing once, so I took an old computer fan, taped a circular piece of cardboard to the blades to make it into a crude turntable. Then I laid it on its side on the table, put the mouse on the platter, and plugged it in.

It worked!  But it's not a good solution!

Jim Thomas            Principal Applications Engineer  Bittware, Inc
jthomas bittware com  http://www.bittware.com    (603) 226-0404 x536
Failure is always an option

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