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Re: [K12OSN] Users can't login

Gideon Romm wrote:
You should get yourself a shell on the thin client (either by setting
SCREEN_02=shell, SCREEN_07=ldm
This gives me a command prompt on screen 2 on the thin client, but doesn't
permit login by anyone

OR by setting a root password in the
chroot and switching to the console after boot)

Then, try: ssh user server
from the shell.

Yes, it was necessary to use passwd to assign root a
password in the chroot, and then rebuild the image.

Now, on the thin client, I can switch to screen 2 and login to
the thin client as root.

At this point, I can run a command line session. From the thin client,
I can login
to the server via ssh. But if I try to ssh from the server to the
client, I get the message

ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused


After logging in as root on the thin client, I can type

X -query :1

And get the graphic GDM user chooser, which lets me login as any
user and run a full GNOME session on the server which displays
on the thin client.

This would almost be satisfactory if I could tunnel through ssh, but
of course, sound and local devices USB devices won't work this way.
But as Barry said in a previous, I must be very very close to getting
LTSP to work.

If you get prompted with an "Are you sure?" or an "invalid key"
message, then your ssh keys are not in fact making it over - perhaps
you inadvertantly have a /root/.ssh/known_hosts file in your chroot
which you should not have?
I checked. This file does not exist on the thin client.
The thin client does have an /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts file.

Otherwise, if it is not a key issue, it could also be a compiz issue.
Disable or remove compiz from the server and try logging in again.

I'm not familiar with compiz, but a quick Google search indicates that
it looks like some sort of 3D rendering environment. How do I know
if compiz is enabled, and if so, how would I disable it?

Brian Fristensky
971 Somerville Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3T 1B4 CANADA
bfristen shaw ca

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