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Re: [K12OSN] Colour Inkjet Printer Recommendations?

Well, I use an HP OfficeJet 6310, and my Dad uses a 6480. GNU/Linux compatibility took a major upswing when HP started releasing specs and working on HPIJS. Basically, just about any recent model of HP inkjet printer should be plug 'n' go.

While I don't have an Epson inkjet printer, they too are said to be very good with GNU/Linux.


Joseph Bishay wrote:

I hope everyone is doing well!

A while back I had asked for recommendations for laser printers that
work well with LTSP and the responses were excellent and helped me a

I'm back nearly 2 years later to ask for your help again -- but this
time for colour inkjet printers that work with LTSP.  Need to set up a
couple in individual offices to keep everyone Linux-happy :)

Thought I'd take advantage of the Boxing week specials that are going
to be coming up too.

So what do you recommend? I'm interested in both networked and ones
that plug into a thin-client (since many of these offices only have
one network jack that the client plugs into.

Thank you!

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