[K12OSN] Connecting the client with the server

Kannan kannan4k at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 20:53:41 UTC 2010

Hi Friends..
     I am kannan.I am new to LTSP.
I have to connect the server and the thin client for demo.
When i tried that in Google,I found this site and follow those instructions


After configuring the server i will connect the lan cable to another system
and boot it hit F12.It will ask for LAN boot.I give that.
Then DHCP \ is loading few minutes,then i get the Error like this "
DHCP and proxyDHCP offers were received"

Wat can i do booting the another system using the LTSP server?
Guide me!!!

With regards,

Kannan. R. P,
Blog @: http://kannan4k.wordpress.com/

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