[K12OSN] Which server would you prefer?

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Thu Feb 18 22:49:10 UTC 2010

>I've always thought that Linux distributions should just come up
running an LDAP server for authentication so that adding your 2nd shared
server would be even easier than the 1st instead of having to start over
to figure out how to convert both to central authentication. Now I think
ClearOS (formerly Clarkconnect) might actually do it. Has anyone looked
at it yet?

 I couldn't agree with you more on LDAP piece. Same with even using
SAMBA as your PDC * only*. Life would be MUCH simpler,,,,but remember
we/or I am anyways dealing with school admins. Make
sense......nahhhh....:) Spend $$$$!License/slave to MSdom..
I wondered how the ClarkConnect thing would work too. Looks pretty
thorough but I have not looked at it for some time.

Take Care,
Barry Cisna

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