[K12OSN] Clients with 64MB of RAM

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Tue Jan 12 03:39:40 UTC 2010


When you say Fedora12 ,I assume you mean K12linux/LTSP5?
64MB will never come close to being enough ram for ltsp5. 128mb on the
TC is not enough realistically.
Just an FYI: I found the following,and this does not mean anything other
than a baseline. I merely done to this to try and determine why ltsp5 is
so much more memory intensive than ltsp4.x.

>From boot to a login screen on ltsp 4.x about 65MB of data is transfered
to the TC from ETH0 of the server.
>From boot to a login screen on ltsp 5.x about 375MB of data is
transfered to the TC from ETH0 of the server.

I know this doesn't really tell anything other than there is over 5times
the data difference,to get a login screen on the TC from the server
between ltsp 4.x & ltsp 5.x,,,?

My Ebox2300/128MB will work( but not really usable) on LTSP5 but takes
almost 4-5 minutes to boot up.
On ltsp4.x it takes about 30 seconds to boot to login screen,and works
great on anything you throw at it(Even Youtube and any video format).
Wish I was smart enough to understand what the underpinnings of LTSP5
makes it so much more a memory pig as compared to ltsp 4.x?
The bootup,PXE is the same protocol for both so my guess is 'just the
kernel' has more voodoo thrown into it that causes the overhead for the

Take Care,
Barry Cisna

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