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Re: [K12OSN] Clients with 64MB of RAM

Almquist Burke wrote:
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I'm curious if any of you running LTSP on Fedora have had any luck booting clients with 64MB of RAM. It doesn't seem to be enough for my HP t5000, but my Dell GX1s with 128MB boot and run without a hitch. I've been using Fedora 12.

Depends more specifically on what your server's running. If you're running K12LTSP 4.2EL or 5.0EL, then 64MB will work. I still have one Pentium-133 thin client that does exactly that. However, others have reported that X11 may crash on such thin clients when running Firefox 3.0 for any extended period of time, due to the Firefox/X11 caching relationship, IIRC. The vast majority of my time is spent in OpenOffice.org and Konqueror (I run the KDE 3.5 desktop on 5.0EL), so maybe that's why I don't see this problem.

So yes, it'll work, but DRAM's cheap, even the old single-data-rate PC100/133 SDRAM. If you're talking about DDR1, that's still very easy to find.


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