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[K12OSN] big FOSS coding push for education


Anyone here know how to get in touch with Paul Nelson or Steve Hargadon?  Brian Behlendorf just pinged me saying that he and a couple other people are organizing a coding push for FOSS for education.  I am mostly involved with FOSS in four San Francisco Bay Area schools, and so I don't really know the bigger picture.  I think that Steve and Paul probably have the bigger picture on whom to contact.  Brian just happened to contact me because he is not normally in the education field, but he knows that I am doing that kind of stuff locally here.

If there is someone who could help Brian with info as to whom he should contact for a national and international coding push, please do ping me either in this thread or directly at einfeldt @ gmail dot com.  Unfortunately, time is an issue here.  Thx for considering my request, and sorry that I am so short on details.

Christian Einfeldt,
Producer, The Digital Tipping Point

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