[K12OSN] LTSP server slow or unresponsive when internet connection is not present

Mathieu Pelletier mpelletier at tcz.co.zw
Fri Jul 9 12:56:53 UTC 2010

Hello Barry,

Thanks for the response.  Do you have any idea how one would do this for 
a multi-homed host (one with multiple nics on the same network)?  My 
ltsp server is running in a mixed environment, whereby I have two nics, 
one of which is dedicated to the ltsp clients.  One NIC has the address, while the other one (the ltsp nic) has  Do I 
include the same details on each line?  For example,        localhost.localdomain localhost server        server.local server        server.local server

Will this sort of thing confuse things or what?

Thanks for the help!


    Take a look at the /etc/hosts file. Make sure at the very top of this
    file you have an entry like the following.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- localhost.localdomain localhost servername.mydomain.net
    Replace servername.mydomain.net servername with your actual server
    name,both FQDN, and host name  of course.
    I never figured out ,why this happens,but sometimes the hosts file only
    ends up with an ipv6 entry in the hosts file at the top of the file and
    this line needs to be entered manually.

    Take Care,
    Barry Cisna

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